About Us

Hi there!

My name is Tiffany and I am the designer and owner of Geekish Gifts! I design and handmake* everything here on the site, often with help from my amazing partner.

I am so excited to have launched this new website and to be taking bigger steps towards greatness with my woman owned business. 

Growing up I was always a "geek". I learned how to play video games from my Dad growing up, and it has turned me into the creative and nerdy person that I am today! 

In high school, after developing a love of cosplay, I taught myself how to sew and went on to get degrees in both Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing.

I put so much of my heart into my designs for Geekish Gifts, so I hope you enjoy them!! 


*Tote bags are purchased pre-sewn and blank, but I place the designs on them in house.